About Helavna Project model: There are many ways to ride and various styles. I hope most people will imagine Road Bike-fast and light though, there's also other kind and able to Commute, Tour, Gravel etc.After lost of my leg function to walk well, run and jump, Bicycle is a big deal for me. It helped me out to communicate and meeting a lot of people outside of my door, friends and wife so I could say it's part of my life.

How was it named:The bike was completed in autumn. I decide colors from inspirations; season, views where I went-city, park, nature and dreams when sleeping or just popped out. The project started from saddle bag, it was purchased for personal use for my road bike but I noticed hitting my hip when pedaling but I found out how to solve. It needs a different frame geometry and the answer was already existed on old English bicycle, I noticed later the saddlebag was made in England and frame design around 1920s were made to fit. I knew following the traditional frame design goes well, just wanted to add some specials from my skill, and update becoming a little bit modern through building process. 

Stem:Usually flat bar comes closer than drop bar, I felt too close, lower position and decreasing front load on wheel. So designed in extra long top tube with handmade stem of 130mm length and rise 18d. 

Pillar:Machined from solid aluminum for heavy load having thicker wall than market products and top of shape is made to fit with Brooks original clamp. 

So far away from the Golden age but has potential, wolf under sheep. Main materials are Columbus SLX (was best tube set on Road at steel era) with oversize, adding extra SLX down tube on top, 16mm Kaisei seat stays and Cinelli SC: strongest bb shell.Once you ride I guess you will feel the vibe from road as steel, and bit of carbon, because SLX was between those time- that's what I felt. 

The bike was showing off as demo for a while, I guess it's time to go. Rode in very short distance (room to venue) though still in mint condition.  As update I build another front fork from Columbus SL (Cyclex) with plated, and has lower off-set 45mm, gaining more front loads and steady and quick handling. It will make me so proud if this Orange be rode in Portland, so installed components around frame are CHRISKING. Well, headset is Shimano, by the way.

For more information feel free to ask Norther cycles