Helavna Cycles is one man operation business by Koushou Kinugawa since 2010, located at central Tokyo in Japan. It is a playing word originally from Hela-buna: Actually there are so many kinds of variation though, (like Sharks, Whales) two major are noticed by their shapes of snout, round and sharp. Hela-buna it's latter. When mentioning Funa, it's about all of them. They are family group of Koi-Carp, common fishing in Japan. There is a proverb in fishing "Start from Funa, and ends in Funa"  -beginning from easy access neighbour, then exploring fields, and finally comes back to your fishing roots; or I could say “return" to Funa. Hope nobody feels uncomfortable at home. It was perfect for name also suit with my bike-construct concept, from to expert and enthusiastic. 

When figuring this name it was a struggle, a brain storming by myself. I wanted something animal with story, simple but unique and mysterious as new word. But I couldn't find any good idea so I went out for fishing at my neighbor Shu-rakuen, a Japanese Tsuri-bori (fishing pond),  then it popped out!