About Helavna


About Helavna

A frame-builder from Tokyo, Japan. I like travel and stay at lot of places.
I believe every single moment is precious, it gives me experience and inspiration for my work and makes me who I am- what I see, talk, eat, etc. a word just like "You are what you eat."

I studied 3 years at a long-time established frame builder's workshop, learned the method of frame building and assemble to complete bicycle. Started a workshop, 2010- named Helavna Cycles.

Helavna (hèlˈʌvnˈʌ) is play on words from Hera-buna (Funa); a Japanese crucian carp, a species in the genus Cassius. It is well known in fishing and has proverb “Starts from Funa, and ends in Funa”, anyone can enjoy this fishing -from beginners to experts and enthusiastics.



My goal is to build a bicycle like this word for each Person.